Thursday, December 11, 2008

Critical climate change meeting


Pressure is rising as critical global climate negotiations near an end this week. Germany, Poland and Italy had been the main blockers, but now Poland has begun to waver! This leaves just Germany and Italy left standing in the way of the strong European leadership that's essential to secure us all a global deal.

Germany is the key – Chancellor Merkel is normally a climate champion, but has caved to industry, fearing for German jobs. She needs to hear from us that a Green Recovery is the answer to both our climate and our economic crises.

Merkel cares a great deal about her international reputation, which is why Avaaz has delivered our 150,000-strong petition and protested at her international meetings with the Poles. But now for the punch: an Avaaz commissioned opinion poll which reveals that 85% of Merkel’s own people are calling for her to show leadership in securing a strong climate deal. Together, we can help push Merkel over the edge -- follow this link to leave her a quick message encouraging her to do the smart thing for the environment and the economy:

The growing Avaaz petition, our joint demonstrations, the Fossil of the Day Awards (delivered to the climate offenders of the day) and our advocacy meetings with leaders are starting to shift climate positions at the global climate talks in Poznan. New heroes are emerging, such as the group of small island states whose revolutionary climate solutions we have supported before. The umbrella group for developing countries, the "G77", and China are also now standing firm to the Europeans.

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