Saturday, March 7, 2009

Welcome to Rory Short

Welcome to Rory Short, who has kindly agreed to contribute to the SAFCEI blog.

Rory also has his own blog, Sustainable Communities, which is also worth reading.

I (Steve Hayes) started this blog about a year ago to try to demonstrate to SAFCEI members and the SAFCEI committee how blogs could enhance communication among SAFCEI members, and between SAFCEI and the outside world, but to be effective it needs to be a corporate effort. So thanks to Rory who has agreed to contribute -- you can see at the bottom of each post who contributed it, even if they didn't write it all.

My personal blogs Khanya and Notes from underground deal with more general topics, and not only the environment, but some may find something there to interest them.

It would be good to have two or three more contributors to the SAFCEI blog, preferably from different religious backgrounds. Rory is Quaker/Buddhist, and I am Orthodox Christian.

My other proposal to the SAFCEI committee was that we should start an interactive mailing list. Perhaps I can move on to that now that more people are beginning to participate in the blog.

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