Wednesday, May 20, 2009

William Kamkwamba's Ingenious Windmill �� MetaEfficient Reviews

I stumbled upon this interesting example of renewable energy today -- worth a read, to show what can be done if people are willing to try.

William Kamkwamba's Ingenious Windmill: MetaEfficient Reviews:
William Kamkwamba is now an engineering student in Johannesburg, South Africa. But in 2002, when William was 14, his farming family could no longer afford to send him to school when Malawi was hit with its worst famine in decades. He decided to continue studying on his own, however, and chanced upon a library book about wind power. Much to the amusement of his friends and neighbors, William began constructing a homemade wind turbine from wood scraps, plastic, and old bicycle parts. But their skepticism quickly turned to wonder when William demonstrated that his contraption could provide enough energy to power lights and radios in his family’s home, when only 2% of Malawi’s residents enjoyed household electricity.

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William Kamkwamba said...

Thanks for posting about my story.

William Kamkwamba

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