Monday, April 5, 2010

Climategate - MPs report clears scientists

Remember the "Climategate" scandal of a few months ago -- the discovery of e-mails that showed that climate change was a huge hoax, and that the conspiracy to propagate the hoax had at last been unmasked?

Well, it turns out that it wasn't a hoax, and that the conspiracy didn't exist, and that the whole thing was a storm in a tea cup. But you can bet that that won't get as much media coverage as the original rumours.

The Church Mouse Blog: Climategate - MPs report clears scientists:
The climategate scandal was the biggest challenge to the broadening consensus in Britain about the urgent need to limit carbon emissions to control the effects of climate change. The story broke that emails had been leaked between scientists at the heart of climate change research, in which they apparently stated that they were using a 'trick' to make the trends fit their theories. The conspiracy theories went wider, however, and claims were made that the emails showed that there was a conspiracy to subvert the whole scientific process on this issue.

It was a major international story. So presumably it is an equally big story that the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee has now investigated the affair and concluded that there is no cover-up and no conspiracy. Well, no. But it should be.

Now perhaps someone should investigate the conspirators who decided to "unmask" the hoax that wasn't.

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Anonymous said...

Too late, the public does not believe in AGW anymore. And the media is telling stories of corruption and scandal on the AGW alarmist side.

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