Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Havana’s lessons in green living

Though Havana is a filthy city, the author finds many lessons in green living.

Havana’s lessons in green living:
3. Almost everything can be repurposed.

During my first Cuba trip, I watched my mother-in-law wash and reuse disposable grocery bags until the “nylons,” as she calls them, were worn out. I returned home with an obsession: everything could be repurposed. A rubber band, a plastic shopping bag, the newspaper: nothing should be wasted.

Though I’ve controlled the obsession (partly by becoming conscious of what I consume in the first place), each subsequent trip to Havana has made me realize just how much we could upcycle if we really wanted to try our hand at repurposing objects that have outlived their original use.

Among the things that have been repurposed here as flowerpots is a construction helmet, and various other objects

Hat-tip to Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe: Havana’s lessons in green living.

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