Friday, February 29, 2008

Christian envrionmental theology links

Matt Stone writes in his blog:

I was running some searches on Christian environmental theology and came across a few links which may interest some of you.

Celebrating Christ with Creation - A Theology of Worship for The Season of Creation "We often do theology in a vacuum, detached from the context of daily life, personal experience or common worship. The theological outline in this work arises from two specific living contexts: the environmental crisis facing our planet and our regular worship life in community. More specifically, this outline also provides a theological basis for a new season of the church year, namely, The Season of Creation."

What Are They Saying About Environmental Theology? "In this timely and important work, John Hart offers an in-depth analysis of Catholic Church teachings on the environment and environmental themes."

This Sacred Earth: Religion, Nature, Environment "From Christian ecotheology and Buddhist critiques of economic globalization to religious environmental activism and spiritual practices to celebrate the sacredness of nature, the book includes careful scholarship, groundbreaking theology, historical analysis, and accounts of real world struggles. Fully engaged with both the world's religious traditions and the worldwide environmental crisis, This Sacred Earth is an invaluable teaching resource and inspiring introduction to religion's complex relationship to the environment."

The Place of Environmental Theology: A guide for seminaries, colleges and universities "The Conference brought together participants from various parts of Europe to explore the theology of creation care and how seminaries, theological colleges and faculties, and Christian training courses across Europe could be encouraged to build a concern for the environment into every aspect of the life of Christian communities – in learning and living as the people of Christ."

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digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks for putting together this great list of useful resources!

Steve, please could I alert your readers to two useful (although lesser) sources that may be of some use?

Both of them come from a Methodist perspective (and one from the perspective of the Methodist Church of Southern African).

I have just written a paper that will be published as part of a special edition of the Journal of World Methodist Theology ('The Epworth Review'). The article is entitled 'More red than green - a response to global warming and the environment from within the Methodist Church of Southern Africa' - the special edition on the environment will be published in April and can be accessed via PDF on the web.

Secondly, Wessel Bentley and I have just finished editing a book entitled 'What we are thinking - Methodist responses to pressing global issues' - the book also has an 'African' Christian perspective on earth-keeping and the environment. Please keep an eye on the Books and resources section of my website for publication details.

Thanks so much Steve.

Rich blessing,


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