Friday, February 22, 2008

Environmental aspects of the Budget speech

Some comments from Harald Winkler of the environmental aspects of yesterday's budget speech.

Many of you will no doubt have looked at the budget speech already. It includes quite a bit on climate change explicitly, and other items that are directly related:

  • a recognition that climate change may require us to change our growth path (p. 6-7):
  • puts under scrutiny for implementation" options from an earlier paper on environmental fiscal reform, which many of you will have seen - specifically mentions (p. 22) " include the use of emission charges and tradable permits, tax incentives for cleaner production technologies and reform of the existing vehicle taxes to encourage fuel efficiency" (p. 22)
  • announces a 2 c/ kWh tax on non-renewable electricity, generating R2 billion in 2008/9 and R 4 bn in 2009/10, - and gives R60 bn to Eskom (p. 24)

Di Mellon
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Southern African Faith Communities' Environment Institute
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