Thursday, September 25, 2008

Creation Care weekend 3-5 October

A Rocha and NieuCommunities invite churches and community organizations to a weekend of hands-on workshops about caring for creation.

The workshop will be held at Pangani, the Nieu Communities home, at 106 Emily Hobhouse Road, Pretoria North.

Allen Goddard, Director of A Rocha South Africa, together with
NieuCommunities South Africa and other local Christian community leaders will explore the Bible's call to care for creation and how this translates into conservation action for local churches and communities.

Besides an introduction to A Rocha's community conservation work worldwide, this workshop draws on participants' knowledge and their commitment to Pretoria's local environments, to workshop old and new ideas for small, effective community conservations projects.

The programme:

Friday evening, 3 October - Creation Communities Showcase

A Rocha and NieuCommunities introduce their unique expressions of living out the whole Gospel, in an evening of hospitality and interaction. Participants' questions and expectations for the creation stewardship weekend will be noted. Begins with dinner at 1800.

Saturday, 4 October - A day workshop in the hospitable environment of NieuCommunities

The day will combine short Bible presentations by Allen Goddard on the theme of Following Jesus - Environmentally Speaking, and hands on workshops with guest facilitators on how creation stewardship is being implemented in local communities in Pretoria. The afternoon will look in particular at workshopping community conservation ideas. Participants' expectations will be reviewed briefly at the end of the day. 0900 - 1600.

Please RSVP your participation on either/both days with Arthur Stewart -

Please pass along this information to others who might be interested!

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