Friday, April 4, 2008

Australians named as world's worst polluters

It seems that Valli Moosa got it wrong -- Eskom is not the worst polluter in the world.

Australians named as world's worst polluters | Environment | The Guardian:
Australians are the world's worst individual greenhouse gas polluters if emissions are calculated from the output of the country's power stations, according to new analysis.

Each Australian produces nearly 11 tonnes of CO2 power sector emissions, the United States follows on nine tonnes per person, while Britain is ranked ninth at 3.5 tonnes and China - heavily criticised by the international community for its rapid development of coal-fired power stations - produces only two tonnes a year per person. Indians emit about half a tonne of CO2 per person....

The US produces 2.79bn tonnes a year and China slightly less with 2.7bn. They are followed by Russia with 661m tonnes; India 583m tonnes; Japan 400m tonnes; Germany 356m tonnes; Australia 226m tonnes; South Africa 222m tonnes; the UK with 212m tonnes and South Korea with 185m tonnes.

That's no reason for complacency, of course, and Eskom still needs to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, and look for alternative sources of energy.

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