Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Resilient communities: A guide to disaster management

Resilient communities: A guide to disaster management | | Peak Oil News Clearinghouse: "The following is a proposal to help make communities better able to respond to the coming economic shocks from resource depletion, beginning with Peak Oil, and perhaps also to shocks from other causes (such as the ongoing subprime mortgage and credit collapse).

In searching for a name for the strategy, I have settled on the phrase 'Resilient Communities,' which comes with considerable baggage—useful baggage in this instance. Once I have described and discussed the proposal, I will offer some background materials regarding the terms resilience and resilient communities, mentioning some other projects that have used the same title or that pursue similar goals."

Hat-tip to The Western Confucian.

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Rory Short said...

I have just finished reading the suggested 'Resilient Communities' article and I would recommend that others read it too. It is highly informative and hopefully will get people thinking how to bring resilience into their own communities as we are entering a time of multiple shocks to the societal fabric.


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