Monday, April 7, 2008

Coalition Against Nuclear Energy

We invite you to endorse our official launch of the national umbrella Coalition Against Nuclear Energy (CANE), on April 12, in a statement below that will be sent to newspapers across the country.

Representative coalition members from around the country will meet in Bloemfontein on that day to set CANE up as a democratic lobby group for those who wish to advocate for energy solutions that do not include nuclear power. This is an opportunity to support an end to the nuclear programme and send a clear message that South Africans want to exercise their democratic right to have a say in energy decisions that will affect generations to come.

Please could you return a signed letter of endorsement as soon as possible should you wish to participate. Your support is appreciated.

For more details or to join CANE, click

If you are an anti-nuclear stakeholder or are concerned in any way about South Africa's push for nuclear energy and wish to attend the launch of CANE on the 12th of April in Bloemfontein, please contact for more information.


CANE Interim Committee:

Dominique Gilbert 012-205 1125 / 083 7404 676
Daniel Reinecke 0844 0844 08
Christine & Rob Garbett 082 568 8844 / 082 565 7686
Mike Kantey 072 628 5131

Hat-tip to Rory Short.

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Mike said...

If the nuclear industry thinks they’re on the edge of a nuclear renaissance, they’ll have to think again − at least in South Africa.

This past weekend in Bloemfontein saw the successful launch of the Coalition Against Nuclear Energy (CANE), with representatives from all corners of the country, including: Namaqualand communities affected by nuclear waste at Vaalputs; neighbours of Koeberg Nuclear Power Station; landowners around Pelindaba (site of the proposed pebble-bed fuel factory, nuclear enrichment plant, and nuclear waste smelter), and residents opposed to the proposed sites for a new nuclear power station at Bantamsklip and Thyspunt, as well as the transport of nuclear material.

Apart from an observer from Greenpeace International, strongly present and active were members of faith-based organisations, while over 100 letters of support have been received from other local and international organisations.

Former General Secretary of Koeberg Alert, Mike Kantey was unanimously elected Chairperson at the launch, who paid homage to other, seasoned anti-nuclear veterans who were also present.

“Given the current energy crisis” he said in a keynote address, “and our comprehensive rejection of nuclear energy as a solution to global warming, we commit ourselves to a genuinely sustainable people- and planet-friendly energy solution for all. We support the SACC, COSATU, SAFCEI, and SANGOCO’s call for an accountable and transparent process leading to a National Energy Summit.”

Issued for Immediate Release by the National Co-ordinating Committee,
the Coalition Against Nuclear Energy (CANE)

Contact: Mike Kantey 072 628 5131; 021 671 7117

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