Friday, April 11, 2008

SA Corporate Giants Come Clean? � The Antidote

This report, originally published in The big issue, shows who is responsible for most of the greenhouse gas emissions in South Africa.

SA Corporate Giants Come Clean? � The Antidote:
As a country, South Africa is characterised by a frivolous and hedonistic attitude towards global warming. Bond makes the shocking point that we have “an emissions output per person per unit of GDP twenty times worse than the US”. Yes, the industrialised countries of the developed world are to blame for much of our current climate predicament, but we had better clean up our own backyard and soon, or such accusations will sound increasingly hollow and hypocritical.

SA’s Top Carbon Emitters:

1. Eskom
2. Sasol
3. BHP Billiton
4. Anglo American
5. Sappi

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Rory Short said...

How can South African consumer choices bring about changes in the behaviour of these polluters?

Of the 10 companies listed the following are directly serving SA consumers Eskom, Sasol, SAB Miller and perhaps Sappi. The most prominent of these of course is Eskom. Electricity consumers should look at every possible way of getting Eskom to change its behaviour. Eskom proudly claims that it is going to have completed one of the largest coal fired power stations in the world by 2013 for example. We should object to this plan.

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